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Welcome to www.centrostile.gr. Access and use of this site is subject to the following terms of use which you must accept fully before continuing the use of this site. Centrostile.gr may, at any time, and without notice modify these terms of use by revising them on this page. Your continued use of this site constitutes an acceptance of these facts and you should visit this page often to review the Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use you must exit this site imediately.


The current terms determine any kind of transaction between the Internet and the e-shop of clothing and footwear  www.centrostyle.gr (hereafter "Web")of  the partnership company  with the brand name "G.ΚARDASIS-Κ.PITELIS Ο.Ε. (and so on company) which is based on Manaki street 14,P.S.13122, Ilion, and every user of this website and fulfills any kind of selling product  through this particular web-shop.


Every user who enters the web-shop to use the services of our web shop is considered to agree and accept without reservations  and exceptions all the terms of our company.

The current website may modify  specific layouts at various times of the general terms and is responsible to inform the current text for every change or addition of the terms of the company. Every user  is obliged to consult them everytime he visits the web shop. If he doesn't agree partially or completely with the content of these terms, we recommend not to make use of the services of our shop. By registrating in our website and by ordering, the user makes a statement that he accepts completely all the general terms that determine the website at this current time.

You can contact us  in our e-mail  info@centrostile.gr or in our phone number +30 218 218 9939.


2.Provided  Information, Photographs and Products

The current website  provide useful information about its selling products. In case of mistake, as far as it concerns the credibility of these provided information -for example the stock and the composition of our clothes-you accept that we are not take any responsibility. Furthermore, you accept that we are not taking any responsibility for technical mistakes that are eluded from our attention or have been brought up inadvertently or by technical disruptions of our website due to former majeuers.

The current website, trying to imprint the color of the clothes as close as it gets to their natural colour, collaborates with a professional photographer. However, the  imprintment of the colors on the screen depends on the analysis of the screen and the video card ,we do not take the responsibility for any differentiation of the true image of the product.


3.Restriction of responsibility

The current website doesn't take any responsibility for any other problems that may occur in the user's computer during the entrance or surfing in this website. The current website is collaborating with professional technical  staff which is aiming to the safe use of the website by users, but it can not confirm that this website, its servers or its context does not contain viruses that may harm the user's computers.


The website www.centrostile.gr is the official website of the partnership company "G.KARDASIS.-K.PITELIS O.E.". All the website context, including pictures, graphics, photos, drafts, texts and provided services and products are the copyright of "G.KARDASIS-K.PITELIS O.E." or the website shop or other members that are contracted with the company and are protected by the Greek, National and International  laws about trademarks, industry's copyrights and illicit competition.

5.Obligations of the user

The user of the website  agrees with the fact that he will not use the specific website nor its webpages for transmission in any way(publications, shipping via email or any other means), or any context which is considered to be profane, obscene, illegal, harmful, annoying, threatening, slandering, defaming, that contains and expresses  racial, religious and national discriminations or any other kind of them that break and enter classified data of someone or the commercial trademarks -copyrights or other person's property rights, that harm, damage or leads to the classified data acquirement  of the company or other users, system's ,programme's and code viruses with or without entrapment and violates the standing regulations of Greek common laws.

 6.Other 's Websites

The current website has the ability to include links with other websites for the facilitation of its users. The current website does not have any responsibility for the context of the website since other members own and manage it.


The website centrostile.gr identifies the importance of protecting your personal data and your electronic transactions and takes all the precautions by using the most modern and safe methods in order to ensure your personal  safeness. All your  information that are related to your personal data and transactions are safe and confidential. The security of website CENTROstile.gr is achieved by the following ways:

8.Customer's identification

The codes that are used for your identification are two: Entrance Password (username/email) and your personal secret  code (password),that anytime they are used in order to enter the website, they offer you a safe entrance to your personal data.

The confidentiality of this transaction is achieved by the use of a decipheration protocol SSL-128bit that is verified by Comodo company.

It gives you the ability to change your personal secret code (password) and email whenever you want to. The only person who has access to these data is yourself and you achieve it with the use of the former passwords. You are also responsible for the preservation of secrecy and  the concealment of these passwords from other people. In case of loss and leak of the passwords you must immediately inform us because Centrostyle.gr will not be responsible for the use of passwords from another  unauthorized user. Moreover, it's highly recommended that you change your passwords in frequent periods of time so the use of the same and easily traced passwords is avoided.(e.g. date of birth). Furthermore, we recommend that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols for the password's creation.

Controlled Access(firewall)

The user's access to the server is controlled by a firewall. By this way it helps customers to have access in particular services.

8.Transaction Confidentiality

The observation of confidentiality is self-evident. The classic rules of transaction are also determined in electronic commerce. All the information that are conveyed  from the user/member are totally confidential and Centrostile has taken all the appropriate and necessary measurements for the safe use of them in terms of the provided services.

 9.Protection of Personal Data

When you are visiting the website Centrostile.gr, there is a possibility you are asked to give your personal  data(name, surname, job, email, address, shipping address products..)in order for your shipping to be fulfilled. Your personal data that are used in our website and services are only kept in terms of transaction, communication, improvement of provided services and insurance of function  and it is forbidden to be used by others. (except for the ones that are authorized by the law).In any case the assistants that work in Centrostile.gr are  certain and the access by other persons who are not authorized is forbidden. Any logical meter and way of protecting your information and data has been taken. In any time the user preserves the right of being informed or be opposed to further process of data according to the law of protection personal information.

10.Price of Products

All the prices  in the specific webpage are listed in euros and include VAT  and also for countries that include VAT(in Greece it is 23 %).All the prices will be  possibly customized and  there might be offers in particular products.

11.Sales offers and coupons

Special offers, discount of products or sales discount coupons cannot be used at the same time and the same  basket  sale unless it is referred differently.


 In Greece

These are the followings ways of payment for users who are members of this website and live in Greece.

  • Payment via credit, debit or prepaid card Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express by using Nexi e-Commerce platform (coming soon):

If the user chooses to pay by using a credit or debit or prepaid card of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, he will immediately and automatically proceed  to the specific payment online platform Nexi e-Commerce provided by Alpha Bank where he will enter the  information of his card. In this way, the security of the transaction is reassured.

The current website does not store or collect the data information of the user's credit card and the transactions. Shipment of goods are going to be actualized only after bank’s transaction confirmation.

The member must have his  credit card and identification card during the delivery of the products. The delivery is strictly personal and forbidden to any other person who has and shows  your  credit card and wants to pay with it. In case of the delivery process is being held for a company then the card that is used must be corporate. That is, the credit card must have been published in the terms of the counterpart company. During the delivery process, the owner of the credit card must again be  present along with his credit and identification card.

Payment via Paypal (only for international orders)

If the user chooses to pay with Paypal he will automatically proceed to the specific payment  page (Paypal Account Log In Page) in order to finish the payment. The terns of use of Paypal you can read them through the following page

Paypal Terms Of Use

 Payment via COD (Cash on Delivery)

If the user chooses to pay by using COD he will pay the amount of money to the courier of the shipping postal company.

Payment by bank deposit

If the user chooses to pay via bank deposit he must first contact with us to insure τηε availability of the order and to give him the bank account of our company.

 Payment via direct delivery from our store.

International Orders

For the users they live in foreign countries they can not pay their orders via COD. Moreover these users can not use monthly payments with their credit cards.

13. Shipping Cost

Greece Shipping

Shipping of all orders in Greece are being carried out by our partner courier (ACS Courier). For distant regions or where ACS Courier cannot deliver the shipping may be carried out by simple post(ELTA) or any other way you choose and in that case you will be notified before the shipping takes place of additional expenses. After the shipping takes place your order will be renewed with the tracking number. In any circumstance and for any problem that may arise it is advised to contact the local representative of ACS Courier so that the delivery be arranged.

Cost for shipping inside Greece is free. For distant places the customer will be informed before shipping for expenses.

International Shipping

International Shipping is carried out in all the countries of the European Union.

Shipping in Europe is carries out either by our partner courier (ACS and their partners in Europe) or by international post(first priority, signed for). Shipping costs are dependant of the shipments weight. After the shipping takes place your order will be renewed with the tracking number and through the according site you can be informed for it's track. The customer is informed for the cost of the shipment before the completion of the order in the according section.

14. Delivery time

Shipping of orders usually takes place within one working day after it has been validated. Validation of the order is necessary in some circumstances if necessary, mainly for cash on delivery orders in Greece.

The delivery time depends on the shipping service and the region/country of the customer. For Greece it is 1-3 days and for Europe 4-5 days for Entippos Courier and 5-6 days for international post.

15. Order cancelation – Return of products

The user has the ability to go back to his order and remove the products he doesn't want before the completion of the order. When the order is done, the user has the right to return the product within 14 days after his coordination with our company. In order for such a request to be accepted, the product must not has been used in any way, to be in good state and be accompanied with all his evidential data (price tags, receipts..).

The product can be exchange with other products of the same category which have the the some or more cost and which have the same amount of discount price.

Products which belong to Accessories Catecory can not be returned.