Payment Methods

 In Greece

These are the followings ways of payment for users who are members of this website and live in Greece.

  • Payment using Credit or Debit or Prepaid card of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Discover.:

If the user chooses to pay by using a credit or debit or prepaid card of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, he will immediately and automatically proceed  to the specific payment online platform  Nexi e-Commerce provided by Alpha Bank where he will enter the  information of his card. In this way, the security of the transaction is reassured.

The current website does not store or collect the data information of the user's credit card and the transactions. Shipment of goods are going to be actualized only after bank’s transaction confirmation.

The member must have his  credit card and identification card during the delivery of the products. The delivery is strictly personal and forbidden to any other person who has and shows  your  credit card and wants to pay with it. In case of the delivery process is being held for a company then the card that is used must be corporate. That is, the credit card must have been published in the terms of the counterpart company. During the delivery process, the owner of the credit card must again be  present along with his credit and identification card.

Payment via Paypal (only for international orders)

If the user chooses to pay with Paypal he will automatically proceed to the specific payment  page (Paypal Account Log In Page) in order to finish the payment. The terns of use of Paypal you can read them through the following page

Paypal Terms Of Use

 Payment via COD (Cash on Delivery)

If the user chooses to pay by using COD he will pay the amount of money to the courier of the shipping postal company.

 Payment by bank deposit

If the user chooses to pay via bank deposit he must first contact with us to insure τηε availability of the order and to give him the bank account of our company.

 Payment via direct delivery from our store.

International Orders and Shipments

For the users they live in foreign countries all payment means are available except COD ( Cash On Delivery ). Moreover these users can not use monthly payments with their credit cards